About Us

Is this a Startup Company? No, We are a Lab.

Whats in the Name ?

Our name personifies the vision of our company. Zero signifies that we consider ourselves to have zero knowledge, which pushes us to always learn and go deeper into technologies of the future. Unicorn signifies that we believe! When people don’t believe in miracles like the unicorn, we believe that miracles happen.You dream your project and we will make it

Why is it a Lab ?

We do not call ourselves a startup, but a LAB. Just like we do in a lab, we do experiments. Experiment with new technologies. We do not follow hierarchy You think you can do something. WE NEVER SAY NO. We try to build products that can help clients reduce their work and be more efficient Because the inception of technology was to reduce human effort and we work at that foundational level.

What else ?z

Only Work for Money, Naah!

Ask anyone above 40, he or she will say that the only wealth you should have is PEOPLE We work on wisdom We will work for you and not for the results

Technology Company in Chandigarh, What Else ?

Starting early is starting one step ahead. We are competitive and we remain calm. This is the ideology of our CEO, an 18 Yr OLD. HE IS THE YOUNGEST ENTREPRENEUR IN CHANDIGARH. Drop us a note if you say no he is not!