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Adware Contributes for Major Chunks of Mobile Malware

According to Avast data, in the past few years, adware contribution in all the Android malware increased by 38%. Adware is a piece of software that hijacks a device, and spam the user with unwanted ads. Now adware accounts for 72% of all mobile malware, says a new statistics gathered by cybersecurity firm Avast. Also, according to Avast Threat Lab Experts, the remaining 28% consists of banking trojans, fake apps, lockers, and downloaders, etc. 

The adware takes the form of gaming and entertainment app or other apps that are trending nowadays. Therefore, it holds the interest of the target audience. These apps look harmless, but once they enter the device, they will secretly click on adds in the background. “We’ve been tracking this problem for several years, and the increased use of mobile devices is likely fuelling its growth,” Chrysaidos said.

Moreover, Nikolaos Chrysaidos, Head of Mobile Threat Intelligence & Security at Avast, said, “No one likes getting served with constant ads; they’re often undesired and can destroy our enjoyment of an app. They could also pose a threat to users as cybercriminals can use them as a backdoor to a device – whether it’s to make money from advertisers or steal your personal information.”

Types of Adware

Here we discuss the two significant kinds of adware, namely adware apps and ad-fraud/ad-clickers.

  • Adware apps:- These are mainly gaming, photo, and entertainment apps that look harmless. But once they opened after the installation in the device, they start spamming the user’s device with unwanted adds. Above all, it isn’t effortless for users to pinpoint where these ads are coming from because it starts spamming outside the application.
  • Ad-fraud/Ad-clicker:- Joker malware is a recent example of Ad-fraud. This type of adware works when the installed app runs secret activities without the knowledge of the user. An encrypted .dex file(Dalvik executable files of Android apps) has downloaded in the device background by these apps. After that, it decrypts to performs actions such as add clicking without the user’s awareness.

Some Simple Tips can Help to Prevent Mobile Adware Attacks

  • Download apps only from official app stores like Google Play, as they have security measures to check apps before developers upload the app.
  •  Check the ratings of an app provided by other users because if an app has few stars and many negative comments, then, of course, something is wrong in this.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of an app before installing it to your device. As many of us tick the checkbox of the “I Agree” option without reading it.
  • Check your bank statements as cybercriminal select low-cost subscription, which is very hard to find.
  • Use antivirus for your device to identify and stop viruses on your phone as it may harm your phone.

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