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Apple’s New Store Guidelines Allow Apps to Send Ads as Push Notifications

Apple has recently announced a new guideline on the use of ads in iOS apps via push notifications. However, this would apply to only those users who get agree to receive the announcements.

Apple’s website clearly stated that with this update, the developer would be able to promote their apps through the use of ads. Moreover, this change is not only limited to ads. But, also include the option of sending text messages along with other notifications. 

This update certainly signifies Apple’s strategic shift towards the marketability of iOS apps. So, it can have inferred that Apple is getting moderate w.r.t its previous stand on the use of push notifications.

As now this change is coming into the picture. The Developers/companies would be able to promote their product and services by directly sending the ads along with text messages to the users. 

It would immensely change the current dynamics of usage of ads. And, eventually solidify the model wherein ad penetration would be more effective as targeted customers can see the ads that they intended to. 

Subsequently, this update in the existing guideline is garnering a lot of interest in the Developers community. They are speculations in the increase of push notifications in the iOS app ecosystem.

Few More Updates from Apple

Also, there are few other updates that Apple has laid out in the guideline section. Apple has mentioned that these updates are coming to improve security and to enhance the user experience.

One such update involves the usage of Apple’s official API for collecting testimonials and reviews. The focus is to curb the use of fake reviews and improve the trust factor in Apple’s platform.

Most importantly, Apple has made a strong note by mandating the use of a single-sign-on feature for the apps that uses third party or social login. It means that now an existing apple user has the privilege to sign in with Apple ID instead of using any social site login credentials like Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Interestingly, another update mentioned in the guideline highlights that any app that is falling into the Dating app or fortune-telling app category will not be published. It reflects that the App store has flourished with these kinds of apps, and Apple is stringent about it.

Overall, in a nutshell, it can be deduced that Apple has taken a bold move towards the improvisation of user experience. It would be inspiring to see how these strategic updates would fuel Apple’s growth. 

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