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Gadget Precautionary Measures in time of Coronavirus

With the increasing number of coronavirus cases reported across the world, the responsibility to carry COVID-19 lies with all the inhabitants. The number of coronavirus cases reported across the globe is approximately 93,500. However, there has no need to panic, be aware, and take some precautionary measures to safeguard yourself from coronavirus. Also, with much focus on basic hygiene, wearing gloves and masks, one needs to focus on disinfect personal gadgets like mobile phones, laptops regularly. Therefore, if your laptops and mobile phones have infected by chance, there is no use of washing hands frequently. According to global health research, mobile phones are a hotbed for bacteria and viruses. Also, they can be the prime disease transmitters.

So, here is a list of 10 gadget caution in time of COVID-19

  1. Avoid the same pocket:- Avoid using the same pocket for keeping your mobile phone and handkerchief. If your mobile phone has infected. And, you are using the same pocket to keep your phone and tissue, then automatically, your fabric is also contaminated. As a result, you’ll fall ill. 
  2. Use earphones:- While taking a phone call, one needs to use earphones, which ultimately prevents the virus from reaching its face. So, in this way, one can prevent itself from coronavirus.
  3. Avoid using public computers:- Firstly, avoid using public computers in any internet cafe or offices because it may be infected. And, if you are using them, your hands also get contaminated, which ultimately reaches your face. Most importantly, if you need to use the public computers, then please wear sterile gloves to protect yourself from coronavirus.
  4. IP68 water-resistant smartphones:- If you are using a smartphone, which is IP68 water-resistant then, use soap and water or hand sanitizer for cleaning the surface of a smartphone. Moreover, do not forget to switch off your phone before cleaning it. Generally, the use of sanitizer and alcohol for cleaning mobile phones has not recommended. But exceptional cases require exceptional measures. However, for killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you need to use at least 60% of alcohol.
  5. Use of hand sanitizer and tissue:- Apply an ample amount of hand sanitizer and use tissue paper for cleaning the surface of the laptop properly. Like, mobile phone case, do not forget to switch off your computer before cleaning.
  6. Cleaning earphones regularly:- For avoiding the infection, you need to clean your earphones with hand sanitizers again as an exception because it comes in direct contact with your face.
  7. Avoid using cleaning liquids:- Do not use any cleaning liquids for cleaning the surface of mobile phones and laptops. Because, it may result in discoloration of gadgets.
  8. Wash your hands after cleaning gadgets:- After cleaning the devices, do not forget to wash your hands properly. Because, if your gadgets are infected, and you’ll not clean your hand, it may cause coronavirus to yourself.
  9. Regular cleaning of gadgets:- To avoid the infection, make it a habit for cleaning your mobile phone and laptop at least once in a day.
  10. Try not to touch someone’s gadget:- If a person has infected with coronavirus. And, you are using their devices, ultimately, you’ll get ill. Thus, avoid the use of someone’s gadget and try not to give your gadgets to someone else.