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HP once again rejects Xerox’s takeover offer, now for $35 billion

HP Rejects Xerox’s Raised Takeover Offer

HP rejects Xerox’s offer on 5th March, 2020, of $35 billion bid of printer maker, personal computers, and printer supplies again, deeming the offer as too low by saying it underrated. Previously, the US printer maker Xerox increased its offer by $2 to $24 per share after. But the PC maker rejected it for the same reason. Xerox mostly makes and provides services to large photocopy machines and printers for its businesses. Also, HP focuses on printers for their large and small scale consumers as well as personal computers. Chip Bergh board chairman of HP, said this offer would leave shareholders with an irresponsible level of debt and also a non-profitable provide to the company.

“It would subsequently require unrealistic, unachievable synergies that would jeopardize the entire company,” Bergh said in a statement.

About HP

The Hewlett-Packard Company is commonly known to as HP. It was an American Multinational Company which is having its headquarter in California. It provides and develops a wide variety of hardware and software components. And, their related services and issues to customers. They are dealing with small, medium, and large scales of consumers in their business, including government organization, health, and education sectors. The company got splits into two parts in that first was got its name and the second one got the name of Agilent Technologies. The first product line of Hewlett-Packard that is of testing and measurement of equipment went to Agilent Technologies. Also, HP keeps hold on to its later products, including computers and printers. Later on, in 2015, HP again was split into two companies, that are Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. 

The company grew into a multinational corporation for its products, and its management style and culture are known as the HP, which was adopted by other businesses worldwide. Now the other printer maker company Xerox decided to sell its 25% stake in Fuji Xerox. It has a joint venture with Fujifilm Holdings, for $2.3 billion in November last year. After the finalization of investors, they made a deal. On Thursday, HP rejected Xerox’s tender offer with the help. And, discussed it with its shareholders by saying it would be a considerable loss offer to the company. And an inappropriate offer from Xerox’s end. As we can also see in the market, the shares of Xerox are not doing well, the market is already down these days. HP fell about 1%, whereas Xerox fell over 4% in the trading market.

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