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Is India ready for 5G?

5G or the fifth generation of mobile communication technology is the big buzzword around. So, it guarantees a higher speed to your devices. By the year 2020, the Government has taken significant leaps in the development of new policies within the country that enables a smooth transition to 5G technology. 

Technology Growth in the Telecom Sector

  • By using a featured phone, a 2G enabled consumer can make voice calls and connect through text messages.
  • 3G technology allows a consumer to use the internet on a smartphone. Also, it will enable a consumer to made multimedia and entertainment.
  • And, 4G technology is all about speed and data connectivity.

5G Technology Scope

This technology is not only limited to the telecom sector. However, 5G technology is about everything around us that enables technology to breathe. With the use of 5G-

  • It will be possible to establish connectivity between devices other than that of smartphones like sensors, vehicles, robots, etc.
  • Wireless connections will become 3 to 4 times faster than 4G(increased speeds up to 10,000 Mbps in urban areas and 1,000 Mbps in rural areas).
  • Data latency(time takes for storing and retrieving data packets) will reduce.
  • And, it will act as an enabling technology for Machine-to-Machine Communication, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Therefore, the arrival of fifth generation technology in the lives of Indians will partially be dependent on forces by the Government and somewhat by telecom help providers. However, there is one question in everyone’s mind that needs to answer is, “Are we ready for the 5G technology in India, as there have been a lot of cases for 3G and 4G services?”

India is more than ready for 5G:-
  • Fastest Growing Market of Smartphones:- In 2017, India accounted for the share of 13.5% of the global smartphone market and became one of the fastest mounting smartphone businesses. Thus, it has been possible with the low internet tariff rates and increased affordability. 
  • Proactive Government:- Government is actively anticipating the imminent 5G technology. It has also developed a forum to guide India towards fifth generation technology.
  • Partnerships:- There has a strategic partnership between companies like Bharti Airtel and Huawei that enables the Indian market to be ready for for new technology.
  • Evolving Consumers:- Indian consumers are much more developed compared to global consumers. 5G technology will enable operators to reduce the data production cost as low as 1/10th of the present value.

5G is a dream for India:-

  • Financial Issue:- The financial health of the telecom sector is deplorable. Therefore, it creates hesitation among domestic banks to lend to operators.
  • Digital Literacy:- Many Indians are still using 2G featured phones, and for whom 5G is of no use. Moreover, 70% of the Indian population are residing in rural areas. And without moving ahead with 5G, digital literacy is more important.
  • Low OFC Penetration:- The backbone of the fifth generation technology is Optical Fibre Cable(OFC). With low OFC penetration, it isn’t effortless for India to sustain 5G.