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Tech Predictions for Year 2020.

The year 2020 opens the door of a new decade, and the business landscape will be much different relative to the last ten years. Also, leaders have challenged to predict change and adjust accordingly. Extensive modifications are poised to take place. But which ones? So, here is a list of some tech predictions that will take place in 2020, according to industry experts.

Tech Predictions

Consumers demand more privacy

Two things that affect firms significantly in terms of consumer privacy: the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) becomes operative in January 2020. And, the internet user is more sensitive towards how to protect their data? Therefore we will see more cloud-based solutions having privacy-related features that ultimately help enterprises.

More investment in quantum tech

The technology has the power to become a primary driver of future discovery in the area of artificial intelligence and healthcare. Therefore, We consider that technology is at a delivery point. Moreover, it has more power to involve more investors in multiple ventures. Above all, in quantum computing, two heavyweight countries competing for leadership are the United States and China. 

Publishers are more AI-focused

Since the early age of the internet, publishers are trying for how to monetize content best? In 2020, we will see the way publishers rebuilding their relationship with readers by leveraging the technology.

Maximum opportunities with Revenue Operations

Over the last few years, businesses are using a unifying team(Revenue Operation) for the alignment of GTM teams(Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success) that helps de-silo customer’s data. But, now in 2020, we will see the Revenue Operations coming together of all revenue-driving teams. 

Way of thinking changed by neural interfaces

We will see earlier that the commercial applications of neural interfaces enabling humans to imagine like computers. However, today the speech and text are the input/output to our brain. It is like, applying a dial-up modem for the input/output to the AWS cloud. Above all, Facebook has successfully developed a computer-generated speech for the disabled people that process the brain and nervous system activity and convert it for the instructions to the computer. Facebook designed it with the help of CTRL-Labs and a team of UCSF.

Enterprise advancement by 5G technologies

Throughout 2020 and beyond it, 5G evolved rapidly. With the rising profits of improved bandwidth and lower latency accelerating business applications, investments in 5G technologies will advance, and corporate enterprise capital firms will be an essential tool to provide opportunities beyond capital for entrepreneurs to test, learn and succeed in the 5G ecosystem.

Deepfakes at 2020 elections

In 2020, we all will see the first large-scale, malicious use of Deepfakes that has aimed to affect the presidential election.

Voice assistant revolution in the car

By 2023, it has expected that there will be eight billion voice assistants. So, in 2020, we will see more advancement in the in-vehicle voice assistant. Therefore, drivers will see new features that include an entertainment option. 


More demanding Consumers

Consumers in 2020 will become more demanding as they want their goods and services more according to their comfort. Thus, to survive in 2020, we will see companies become more flexible to meet the ever-changing need and lifestyles of the customers. 

More people work remotely for their company

Without being present in the same geographical region, collaboration, and productivity tools such as Slack, Google Drive, Zoom are making it easier to coordinate with the entire team. So, companies will become more open to letting their employees work remotely.


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