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Will Cloud Gaming Becomes An End Of Consoles?

You are so excited to receive the pre-ordered disc in the mail of a brand new gaming title. But wait… Firstly, you have to boot your console, insert the disc. Also, you have to install all of its data onto the hard drive. After that, only you will be able to play a new game. Now, imagine a world without this console. Also, you can open an endless library of games online. Most importantly, you can play the brand new game within a fraction of seconds. Guess what? It is no longer a fantasy; It’s a reality. The exact name for this revolution is “cloud gaming.” 

Above all, if you want, you can get access by today only. After music and videos, cloud-based gaming is the new live-streaming trend. But, the question which has to be answered is, “Will cloud-based gaming becomes an end of consoles?”

“This gaming technique has become the future of the gaming industry; it could destroy the traditional console.” Marthesh Nagendra, India’s Country Manager, Middle-East, and SAARC, NETGEAR, told IANS.

By 2020, India may see a $370 million gaming market, which is increasing at more than 50 percent year-on-year. According to market research firm Newzoo, “there are more than 2.5 billion gamers over the globe now. Combined, they will pay $152.1 billion on games in 2019.” According to recent studies, the Cloud-based gaming business has set to increase from $1 billion to $8 billion in the year 2025,” said John Dong, Director, Tenda India, a leading provider of networking devices.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft three tech giants are trying their level best to capture the cloud-based gaming subscription market. Apple, Google, and Microsoft launched its subscription gaming service, i.e., Apple Arcade, Google Stadia, Project xCloud, respectively. 

Advantages of Cloud Gaming

  • There is no need to buy a high budget gaming machine. Also, there is no need to upgrade your PC or console.
  • It is platform-independent. It enables you to play the game on a Windows PC, MAC, Linux, according to you.
  • There is no need to maintain anything in cloud-based gaming. 
  • In cloud-based gaming, you can play games instantly without even download anything.

Disadvantages of Cloud Gaming

  • There is a mandatory need for a good internet connection to play games.
  • If connectivity fails even for some reason, the gamer can not play the game.
  • Cloud-based gaming requires a lot of bandwidth. To play a game for 1 hour only, it may use more than 25GB bandwidth.
  • There are only a few companies that provide cloud-based gaming service.

Final Verdict

Believe it or not, cloud-based gaming as technology has more or less been in advancement for over the prior decade. A quick final note is to state that the overall base of our internet still needs to update, including wifi routers and public access points, before cloud-based gaming can function more efficiently than a console. But I think that as 5G foundation and technology progress, that accuracy and pace of signal will more than potential cloud games with ease. 

Cloud-based gaming can surely ruin consoles sooner than we consider.

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